Eight-year-old girls fighting as Muay Thai boxers

Muay Thai kids, Todd Kellstein, Buffalo Girls

Image is from the documentary film ‘Buffalo Girls’. Taken from buzzfeed.com. Click to go there.

Like many other people, I have come across many stories in the news of many heartbreaking realities for children from around the world. Kids as prostitutes, slaving away in factories, scavenging in massive landfill dumpsters and other horrible inhumane situations.

Well here’s yet another one. I just came across it via Buzzfeed.

I try not to swear. It’s kinda juvenile really. Usually the full word is reserved for my private posts, diary entries meant for my eyes only. For public posts like this I try to remember to put cutesy little asteriks so despite my reaction to whatever it shows up somewhat quaintly as ‘f**k’.



How the fuck can this happen. How the fuck did anyone allow this to happen.

I tell myself I must not judge. The parents, the officials, the government, the gamblers, whoever, anyone. I must not. I must not. I don’t know the full story.

And sometimes things are just so damn sensationalized as worse than they are. To get reactions like, uhm… mine.

Even the director of the documentary had to grapple with evolving thoughts and feelings. The quote below is from ‘The Story‘ section of the documentary’s website.

“When I first saw the children boxing, I absolutely thought it was horrible,” states director Todd Kellstein. But after spending two years in the rural Thai provinces documenting this world, Kellstein admits that his overall perspective has changed. His initial anger with the parents of the children for putting them in the ring gave way to a resigned empathy for their circumstances. “It is difficult to understand the economic circumstances that lead to child boxing, but what now angers me is economic inequalities in the world. These circumstances exist and we should think of ways to make it better for everyone. Not just in Thailand, but everywhere.”

But, dear God, why.

And why do I bother to be so affected. It’s not like I’m going to help them or do anything to rectify anything. I can barely cope with the shits in my life right now. I need to focus how to right that, and not spend too much time reading about the ten thousand million depressing things in this world. But oh God it hurts about those girls.

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