WTF Fashion 4

More WTF Fashion from theBERRY.

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Cool hat

That looks like a character from a movie. I think he looks good actually. I like the hat. Ok but not the pants, though. And shirt buttoned up, not flapping in the wind like that. Is that a fashion shoot. And is that a man purse?? Ok I take it back; I don’t think he looks that good; just ok. But I still want the hat.

mens trousers cuffed high

I don’t like pants cuffed or rolled up like that. Personally I think it looks silly, even if the hotness that is Ryan Gosling wears them like that. And ugh, ditch the bag! Otherwise this gentleman looks really good, although I’m not sure he should be wearing anything in the first place. I have a feeling he looks best naked, wearing nothing but a smile.

Another example of a hot guy who just shouldn’t bother with clothes anyway.

This isn’t too bad. I like the shirt a lot, actually.

Crazy man's hat. Crazy etc

2 thoughts on “WTF Fashion 4

    • I loved it Laura, thanks LOL! I went through all the three parts, and they were so funny.

      I look at these kids today with their skinny jeans and funky hairdos and other stuff, and I may go ‘ugh’ at some, and think how in a decade or two they are going to groan so hard at the fashion of their youth, the way some adults now may groan at what they wore in the 70s or 80s.

      But I also think it’s great that they are having so much fun in the spirit of youth, or even with the older folks. I admire them for not caring too much what people think, and just jazz up their outfits, regardless of whether they want to follow a trend or it’s what they really fancied wearing that day.

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