WTF Fashion 3

Just came across these interesting photos on theBERRY, from a post by called What Guys Shouldn’t Wear LOL. Click any of the photos here to go to that site to see more.

I find myself being morbidly fascinated not so much by the outrageously and obviously costume-y outfits, like the coat below. I mean, that’s hilarious. And tragic, if the fur is real.

But to me the more interesting ones are the less crazy and less flashy outfits, but still striking. But still carried off by these creative creatures like it’s their normal everyday clothes or something. Like the guy in the photo below LOL.

What? No, not the much-maligned V-neck again! LOL. Give these guys a break.

And him too. I think.

Ok him we can throw into the bonfire LOL. That’s a bit much. Ok, a lot much.

Ohhhh, my eyes! I’ve seen and laughed at this before, actually. Reblog, relaugh!

Not to mention your testicles and your penis. Let them breathe dammit. Poor testicles and penis.

Whaaat?? No! And they’re even mocked by being called Mandals?! What’s wrong with these sandals?  I like these sandals. These are gladiator look sandals, right? Aren’t gladiators manly butch people? And they’re perfect for hot and humid Singapore. What am I suppose to wear on the weekends, sloppy flip-flops?


2 thoughts on “WTF Fashion 3

  1. I like the v-necks and the scoop necks. If I didn’t dislike that Kardasian husband (guy 2), I would even admit I even like his Henry the VIII coat……not rocking that zippered jean-shorts two-piece look too much though…..but you gotta love the guy with the toupee and the exposed sock garters and dingy tennys…you know he would be a total blast to hang out with…Fun post, thank you!

    • Oh that Scott Disick guy. I haven’t come across a single episode from that family and that’s ok as they’re said to be terrible, but I keep coming across their names when I check out gossip sites. Ah ok, so that’s the inspiration for that coat. I never thought of past English royalty. Thank you for the info, and for the kind compliment Cindy!

      The guy with the sock garters, I never thought of him as fun, but now that you mention it, yes I suppose it does take a fun spirit, a sense of humour and creativity to think of an outfit like that. And confidence too to carry it off!, which is certainly admirable of him.

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