Shaun T

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Just about a week after Orlando Cruz came out, yet another hot buff masculine droolworthy dude did the same. Wow. This according to Towleroad, via Dlisted:

Shaun T, the former Mariah Carey back-up dancer and trainer behind the popular Insanity workout routine, came out over the weekend by retweeting a congratulatory tweet and a series of others which revealed that he married his partner Scott Blokker.

Unlike Orlando, I had heard of Shaun T before. Some weeks ago I came across his Insanity workout promotions on YouTube while looking for fitness videos, an effort which by the way opened my eyes to how many bullshit videos there are. There are a lot of useful stuff on YouTube, but some videos are such a waste of time. For example, a video could be five minutes long, but the bit of useful info could had been imparted in maybe a minute or less. The other four minutes are spent yakking pointlessly and posturing or turning out to be selling something.

The few Insanity videos I clicked on, they were all marketing stuff so I didn’t get a free workout out of them LOL. But I remember noting the instructor guy was hot! As can be seen and heard in the video below by Experience Life magazine.

Anyway, according to Ultimate Fitness Gear, Shaun T (T for Thompson) was raised in New Jersey in the United States where he went to Rowan University and received his BS degree in Sports Science and minored in Theater and Dance. He has also worked in theater and television, alongside big names like Val Kilmer and Queen Latifah, and as mentioned above also worked with singers like the massively talented Mariah Carey.

Shaun’s Hip Hop Abs routine came out in 2007, helping many people to lose weight and becoming the No.1 fitness program on television in America. Then in 2008 he turned to helping kids and preteens get into shape to fight childhood obesity, releasing Fit Club, for kids aged 7+, and Get Real with Shaun, for preteens. The popular Insanity, described as one of the most difficult but effective workouts available, hit the market in 2009.

The pretty lady in the middle is Alex Coloreo, the friend who with this picture, tweeted the congratulatory note: “The two most amazing people in the entire world ❤ so happy for you both“. This image and the one below were taken from Towleroad. Click either one to go to that site.

I love this photo. So very sweet.

On a side note,  I did manage to find some free workout videos on YouTube. The ones I chose to try are courtesy of I especially like this one from them which I have done a few times so far.

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