Police officers in America supporting LGBT youth

A police department with an ‘It Gets Better’ video? That’s seriously impressive.

Maybe this sounds cold, but I have never been affected much by any of the several It Gets Better videos I saw before. I sympathize with who they are made for, and it’s always gratifying to know the people who made the videos had put in the time and effort to express their heartfelt support.

But wow, this video really moved me.

All those stories, like the guy going on about how he couldn’t call himself gay. Then I started tearing up when another officer was going “Growing up in a Mexican-Catholic household, you didn’t tell your mother you were gay.” And then the dam started to break, hearing the other stuff, especially the lady with the religious mum and the young girl whose mum told her point blank she would not accept it.

I quickly reined it in. Totally unexpected. Nothing like hearing your own pain and experience being relived by other people. You know you’re not the only one, that other people strangers past present future, go through the same shit too. But it still feels like it’s the first time you learn this; when you hear it you’re still taken aback.

Yeah I know the video was designed to tug at the heartstrings. That’s o.k., tug away!

This is a hugely commendable effort by a government department, in this case the Austin Police Department, in the state of Texas of the United States of America. Personally I’m just so deeply impressed. I don’t believe I’ve heard before of representatives of government authority like police officers being supportive of gay people.

This will be so helpful to their target audience: the LGBT youth who may be struggling. As the description of the video on YouTube states:

The Lesbian & Gay Peace Officers Association produced a video comprising of LGBT officers and civilian members of the Austin Police Department to send a message to LGBTQ youth that it does get better. This is part of the It Gets Better Project (www.itgetsbetter.org) and The Trevor Project (www.thetrevorproject.org) to reach out to LGBTQ youth who may be struggling due to bullying, harassment, and non-acceptance, and who may be thinking of committing suicide. Our message is to let those youth know that even though it is difficult today, tomorrow will bring hope, love, and life. We are here to help you make it there!

Source: I came across the video on Towleroad.com here.


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