What, no Paralympian Hunks lists?

Well I did find one here, but while happy to find that, it’s like half a hunk list because it featured together male and female athletes lol. And then there’s this, a mixed one too. There may also be other lists of Paralympian dreamboats out there, that I’m just not aware of yet.

It’s just that during the Olympics there were hunks lists galore on the net, and many posts on individual athletes as well like mine here, and these appeared not only on gay sites.

South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius, as a model for Thierry Mugler. (source: styleite.com)

This dearth of Paralympian hunks lists saddens and unsettles me a bit. It feels like we don’t appreciate them enough somehow lol. Their sporting achievements and endeavours are just as admirable as their Olympian brothers. So we admire that. But as for the gorgeous ones (and there are so many gorgeous guys there at the Paralympics it seems) why aren’t more people drooling over them. We happily did over goodlooking Olympians. I mean, let’s not pretend we would be as interested in guys like Australian diver Matthew Mitcham and American gymnast Danell Leyva if they weren’t so darn cute. How many of us actually follow sports like gymnastics and diving outside the Olympic season anyway? Heh.

So, I’ve decided to create my own list, of some of the guys who caught my eye. I may add more over time. Or not. If anyone who reads this wishes to suggest names, please feel free to do so.

Halim’s Paralympian Hunks List.

(Click images to go to the sites where I found them.)

1. Girisha Hosanagara Nagarajegowda, 24, India, High Jump

Source: 7tab.in

2. David Eng, 35, Canada, Basketball

Source: postcodegazette.com

3. Aled Davies, 21, Great Britain, Shot Put and Discus Throw

Source: sportinglife.com

4. Alessandro Zanardi, 45, Italy, Road Cycling

Source: thescore.ie

5. Jonnie Peacock, 19, Great Britain, Athletics

Source: hotyoungandflexing.blogspot.sg

6. Daniel Fox, 21, Australia, Swimming

Source: supersport.com

7. Mark Colbourne, 42, Great Britain, Road Cycling and Track Cycling

Source: sportinglife.com

8. Marcel Hug, 26, Switzerland, Athletics

Source: paralympic.org

9. Jerome Singleton, 26, United States of America, Athletics

Source: zimbio.com

10. Alan Fonteles Cardoso Oliveira, 20, Brazil, Athletics

Source: london2012.com

11. Cao Ningning, 24, People’s Republic of China, Table Tennis

Source: Tumblr of Chloe Yan

12. Ramin Ibrahimov, 34, Azerbaijan, Judo

Source: london2012.com

13. Oscar Pistorius, 25, South Africa, Athletics

Source: poptower.com

14. Jovin Tan, 26, Singapore, Sailing

Source: resourceportal.nyc.sg



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