Justin Fashanu documentary

A BBC documentary about Justin Fashanu I found on YouTube recently.

I mentioned him briefly in this post more than a year ago, and am pleased to come across this, thanks to user danny13234 who uploaded it back in February. Here the hour-long documentary is divided into four parts.

Part Two link here.

Part Three here.

And Part Four here.

What adds interest to this is that it’s presented/narrated by his niece Amal Fashanu, a gorgeous 23-year-old who works in fashion and TV. Amal was only 10 when her Uncle Justin took his own life on 1st May 1998. Justin came out in 1990 at the age of 29.

So it’s a very personal story. Among the people interviewed are her parents. I have to admit I felt uncomfortable watching some parts, like when she sat down with her dad and asked that maybe he was not supportive enough of his brother after he came out. I think that sort of thing should be private, not included here.

But I guess her presenting this is what gives this heart. The mission of the documentary is to investigate why there have not been other gay footballers in Britain coming out publicly about it, but it’s also about her coming to terms about what her uncle went through after he came out.

Other people who made appearances and contributed their thoughts include the following famous people who are also openly gay: Little Britain comedian Matt Lucas, retired rugby player Gareth Thomas and footballer Anton Hysén.

Related stuff: The Justin Campaign site and video.

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