The ones who dare to dream

The words by Beau Dure in the quote below form the introduction of a slideshow article on Olympians. Well, it salutes all athletes who dare to dream, regardless of whether they make it to the Olympics or not. I’m just struck by how awesome it is.

I’m putting it here because in addition to making me realise why Olympians and other athletes fascinate me so much (in addition to looking fabulously fit, that is), the words hit home hard, and make me feel small by reminding me I have never dared to dream. Never dared to try hard enough to make that one dream I have for the longest time happen. It didn’t matter that even if I had achieved that dream, the end result would not give me fame or money or anything else most people would consider worthwhile. It was still my dream.

If I search deep enough into my heart, I think I’d have to admit it still is. Even after all these years. Turning 40 next year.

Too scared of failure, of taking risks. I let life’s routine swallow me whole and for the most part went with the flow of whatever it threw at me, and I think to myself that I’m ok. I’m not unhappy. And I don’t have much but I remind myself to be grateful for what I do have.

But still.

(From, by Beau Dure)

There’s a reason we say “dare to dream.”

Daring to dream means taking a risk. You can toil away in anonymity for years, hoping for that one moment in which it all pays off.

And then it might never come. You might not get your dream job, land that record deal or make the Olympic team.

For Olympic athletes, daring to pursue their dreams usually means putting their lives on hold. And they run to risk of coming ever so close to fulfilling their dreams, only to see them disappear in a fleeting instant.

And then we have a handful of people who manage to grab the spotlight and make us wish they’d just go away.

This list of disappointments will include more of the dreamers than the spotlight hogs. May their disappointment be fleeting. And may we all remember they’ve accomplished far more than most of us simply by daring to pursue their dreams to the very highest levels.

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