Malaysia’s Zalora ad looks the same as Italy’s Zalando.

I’ve been coming across this advertisement from online retailer Zalora when watching Malaysian TV recently. Above is a video featuring the three languages it’s produced in.

They are almost exactly the same as one from an Italian online retailer called Zalando, an advertisement I kept seeing on Italian TV when I was there for a couple of months earlier this year. It made me laugh, but like the first three times. After that it started to get tiresome LOL. But it was entertaining at least initially, and obviously memorable, because I immediately recalled it when I saw the Malaysian version. Below is the Zalando one.

Since even the company names are similar, I’m wondering if Zalora and Zalando are from the same group? On Wiki, Zalando’s origin is stated as Germany. I noted at the beginning of the first video that the ad agency of the Malaysian version is also from Germany, so maybe they share the same ad agency, or they are connected in some other way. Zalora doesn’t seem to have a Wikipedia page for now.

It was interesting and unexpectedly fun to see a TV ad I had enjoyed months ago in Italy, in Italian, now in Malay and English! Hah.

2 thoughts on “Malaysia’s Zalora ad looks the same as Italy’s Zalando.

    • I learned that some time after I wrote this post. Thank you for the link, Tommy, that’s kind of you. I have checked it out and it’s interesting.

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