Matthew Mitcham

Photo by Philip Myers. From Wikipedia, uploaded by user Hekerui. Click image to go to source.

In London Matt Mitcham is set to compete on Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th. Yay!

The Australian diver is already an Olympic champion with the gold medal he won in Beijing 2008 for the 10m platform event, for which he also achieved the highest single-dive score in Olympic history. Matt was reported to be one of only eleven openly gay athletes competing in the Beijing Olympics, out of over 11,000 athletes from more than 200 countries.

The sweetly handsome 24-year-old is also a spokesperson/model for Australian swimwear company Funky Trunks.

Image from / Click to go to site, and to see many more fab photos of him there.

Thanks heaps to my friend Ossi for mentioning Matt, which reminded me to post his gorgeousness here :-)

Update 12th August: After bowing out in the semi-final stage in London, Matt is already aiming for Rio in 2016. A real champ! Best of luck to him. Excerpt from The Sydney Morning Herald article by Robert Dillon:

“Before coming to London, I’d pretty much decided that this was going to be my last Olympics,” Mitcham said. “I was going to retire, just because of all the injuries and everything. I couldn’t see it getting any better, just how wearing 10m is on the body … but once I got here, all bets were off.

“The Olympics is just the most amazing experience and I never want to miss another one again. In no matter what capacity —  whether it’s a diver, maybe just a springboard diver, or whether it’s media or anything, I’m definitely going to be in Rio, no matter what.”


3 thoughts on “Matthew Mitcham

    • Yes, I read on his Wiki page that he went public about it in 2008 just before the Beijing Olympics, when he was 20. Very brave and remarkable of him, as it could have (and probably did) affected his chances of securing corporate sponsorship.

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