Abercrombie and Fitch models in Hong Kong

Milanese news outlet Corriere Della Sera reported with this slideshow last Sunday on the soon-to-open Abercrombie and Fitch store in Hong Kong. It will be opened for trading this Saturday the 11th.

Man nipple galore again. This is the second time I came across in the news of this marketing thing by A&F. The first time was right here in Singapore last December. I guess that’s just how they launch their store openings.

Where are the ladies, though? A quick check here tells me they cater to both sexes, so where is the eye candy for the straight and bi guys to feast on? I’m not complaining of course LOL; just wondering.

But I am complaining about the lack of Asian male models. Just like in Singapore, the lineup here is made up mostly of Caucasians. I see only one, at least in the slideshow from the Corriere online paper. Maybe there are more not caught on camera. But if non-Asian models are the majority here, that’s a big diss to guys of Asian races I think, especially in places like Singapore and Hong Kong.

So shy, keeping your hands to yourself. Should’ve wrapped your arms around both waists and rested your head gently on the chest of that searing-hot guy on your right, heh. A girl would get away with that.

All images are credited to Laurent Fievet/AFP Photo, and taken via Corriere Della Sera. Click any of them to go to site of source.

See? Now that’s more sporting LOL

That’s an impressive looking facade for a store of casual apparel. The building must be beautiful.

Just found out here that it’s called Pedder Building and is located in Hong Kong’s Central District. The neo-classical building is indeed beautiful. Quote: “Completed in 1924 by Palmer and Turner Architects, the Pedder Building is a historical remnant of the colonial days of Hong Kong.

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