Drama at the drive-in

Eeww what an asshole. That was my first thought.

I came to the video via a Yahoo! News article, last Saturday 4th August.

It was uncomfortable watching this video. My discomfort soon turned to anger. How could he treat her like that? Or any other individual employee.

He says he’s straight. I think his support of gay rights is wonderful and admirable. However the way he went about it in the video is so wrong, venting out on that girl Rachel. She handled it beautifully. I hope she gets promoted among other rewards. She’s truly a gem in the service line.

What really pissed me off about his attack was firstly, she told him she was uncomfortable about being videotaped, and she told him politely. Her exact words were ‘I’m really uncomfortable that you’re videotaping me‘, and she was clearly very nervous about his behaviour, but she remained civil, but he continued taping.

Secondly, him saying ‘I don’t see how you live with yourself and work here. I don’t understand it. This is a horrible corporation…’.

This white-collar jerk spewing such condescension to a fast-food worker. Who the hell does he think he is, putting down that girl in such a cruel manner, about where she choose to work to earn an honest living.

I also saw on Towleroad today that he has put up an apology video. His name is Adam Smith. I’m choosing to believe his apology is sincere, and that he was telling the truth that it was an impromptu rant that he let go too far because he got over-emotional.

I actually made it to the end of the video. It was interesting and touching when the apology was directed at Rachel, but after the 4:00 minute mark it got a little boring but I hung on.

I think this kind of outburst can happen to anyone. I pray it doesn’t happen to me, again. It has happened before, and the guilt still haunts me.

We can all get very intense and wound up and lash out at people. We know we need to step back, take deep breaths and save it for when we are calmer. But that doesn’t always happen. What he did was terrible, but it’s also terrible that there are now threats made against him and his family and ex-colleagues. I don’t know how he’s going to recover from this, but I hope it happens soon so that he can look into finding another job soon to support his family.

2 thoughts on “Drama at the drive-in

    • I think all religions in the world promote peace and respect, and that actually the great majority of us in this world do respect (or at least leave alone) one another. It’s just that there are always followers of any religion who give in to hate and pride and greed and they cause so much damage to the rest of us.

      I’m sad too like you for the world we live in.

      That was a beautiful man and song you referred to. Thank you. Puts me in the mood to listen to it again, that melody and voice and those beautiful words.

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