Petition Against Arrest and Restriction of Public Art in Singapore.

The arrested is one presently unidentified 25-year-old woman who is suspected to have had painted “MY GRANDFATHER ROAD” on roads here. She was arrested last Sunday the 3rd, and according to this Yahoo News Singapore article by Melissa Aw, the woman was arrested for vandalism.

All photos in this post were taken from the tumblr blog of the artist SKL0. Click any of the photos to go to the site.

She is believed to have also created stickers with several captions such as “Press to stop time”, “Press once can already” and “Press to teleport”, among others.

The punishment for anyone convicted for vandalism here is “a fine of up to S$2,000, or jailed up to three years and caning”.

I have signed the petition, for whatever little good that will do.  I know this little blog has the traffic of a ghost-town, which suits me fine as this is a personal journal of mine where I don’t even write often. But if anyone is reading this, please consider reading the linked Yahoo article, then the arrested woman’s tumblr blog to see her work, then go to the petition page. Read what’s that about, and consider signing it. Thank you.

Personally, I think she should get just a warning, at most made to pay the costs of cleaning up to get rid what she had done. But jail?? And that barbaric punishment of CANING ???

Link to the Yahoo News Singapore article again here.

Link to her tumblr blog here. (Update: contents of the blog removed.)

Link to the petition here.

The following is my personal favourite. It makes me think with sadness of the spate of accidents we’ve been having lately.



(Update Thursday, 9th May 2013: What a relief. According to Yahoo! News Singapore, the artist, 26-year-old Samantha Lo, was sentenced yesterday to serve 240 hours of community service, to be done within a year. I didn’t know we have this community service thing as a sentence in Singapore. That’s nice.

She was not charged with vandalism, but with mischief, to which she pleaded guilty.)

5 thoughts on “Petition Against Arrest and Restriction of Public Art in Singapore.

  1. Digging your ghost-town blog and perspective. :) Relocating to Singapore this summer and looking forward to reading more of your writing.

    • Thanks, Laura! I’m flattered because I’ve been reading your Texas on Thames blog and it’s so well written. Enjoying the relaxing cosy read very much. Just started reading and before I knew it a couple hours have passed and I’ve reached your photos in ‘Aerial England’! Will be back to continue.

      Best of luck with your relocation to Singapore, I hope everything will go smoothly. And after reading your posts on London I’m definitely looking forward to future ones on Singapore. :-)

    • The campsite looks better now, blooming with some flowers and greenery thanks to your visit where you planted cheery likes and comments lol.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. Much appreciated. I’m delighted as I always enjoy yours! Cheers.

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