Is this Singapore’s first ever ‘gay TV ad’? Sweet!

Maybe it’s not. Or maybe it is without screaming the fact out loud.

I mean, I read it suggested on some forum I came across that the ad could be showing two brothers buying a condo together. *smiles broadly then starts laughing like crazy*

But as a gay man, of course I choose to interpret the acting performance for the ad as that of a gay couple; that the development of the condo is targeting the so-called (and how I can’t stand that term) ‘pink dollar’.

I really like the ad. And Bryan Wong who is a popular host on Mandarin programmes, is nice eye candy. He’s goodlooking. But more importantly it’s his cheery bubbly narration that livens up the ad.

By the way I don’t know whether he’s gay or not, and in no way am I suggesting whether he is or not.

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