Spread some love! (and oh, some hate too while you’re at it)

Or just be careful who you love. Embrace, accept, or tolerate. Definitely not Muslims, or Lesbians. And if you see a Muslim Lesbian, that would be a double whammy so alert the authorities!!

Just kidding. It’s just that a few days ago on Tumblr I stumbled onto a post which is a response to American presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, who posted a picture of his family and called it:

“What every traditional, real American family should look like”

The response, which has been reblogged thousands of time by now on Tumblr, is really sweet I thought.

COOL!!! Now let me add in some other examples of what a healthy, happy, traditional, real American family should BE ABLE to look like:

This reponse then went on to list out with pictures the other sort of families there are out there. Reminding people to bear family diversity in mind (and heart). This is what the picture list includes, right after the picture of Santorum’s family:

Black families

Mexican and South American families

Middle Eastern Families

East Asian families

South Asian families

Native American families

European families

Interracial families of all colours

Jewish families

Muslim families

Buddhist families

Hindu families

Atheist or agnostic families

Single mother families

Single father families

Grandparents raising a family

Foster families

Adopted families

Gay parent families

Lesbian parent families

Transgender parent families

Families with special needs children

Families with disabled children

Families with disabled parents

Families with deaf/hard of hearing parents, deaf/hard of hearing children, or both

Childless couples

The version I saw a few days ago showed all the pictures for all the families listed above. I decided earlier today I want to post it on this blog. I couldn’t find that one, but my little internet search turned up versions where the pictures for ‘Muslim families’, and ‘Lesbian parent families’ were left out. Like this:

screen capture 4

I was more curious, more sad than annoyed.

I just think that the above could be a little more evidence that we’re all such complex shades of grey. That even the biggest of hearts among us may have just that little bit of corner, where a bit of our heart is decaying and allowed to rot by some kind of hate and prejudice, against some particular community or group of people.

A benefit of the doubt: maybe some of these people reblogged without realising it is a ‘cut version’, where the pictures depicting certain families have been left out? Maybe.

I myself have a Tumbler blog. So I reblogged it to see whether I can edit it to cut out some of the pictures. And yes, that can be done. So I’m thinking at least some of them intentionally cut out some pictures.

Not only that, but one could also delete any text like ‘Muslim families’ or ‘Lesbian parent families’, not just the pictures. But in these ‘cut versions’, only the pictures were cut out, leaving behind the caption. So it’s like an oppurtunity to make a statement, to wear our prejudices on our sleeve, to say “These are the people I personally dislike or hate, or disapprove.”

I’ve also come across different ‘cut versions’. Where the ‘Muslim families’ picture and caption are both included, but not for the lesbians. Or, the picture for ‘Transgender parent families’ was also cut out, in addition to the ones for Muslim and Lesbian families.

Am I over-thinking this? Over-sensitive? Over-imaginative? Maybe. But these are some of my thoughts today, which I want to record here about this.

Well, at least seeing Bill Cosby with that expression made me smile at the end of it. The Cosby Show: one of all-time greatest TV shows, in my opinion.

screen capture 5

screen capture 6

screen capture 7

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