WTF: Mantyhose

Something I came across on Poorly Dressed today.

Photo from Poorly Dressed. Click photo to go to site.

From Poorly Dressed, I clicked on the link to their source: where I also found the following photo.

Photo from Click photo to go to site.

And then, from bestweekever’s comments section, I found the link to the blog of Paul Duane. He’s someone who wears pantyhose to clubs and parties, and he wears them with short skirts and heels. But also with a men’s shirt and a tie. Excerpt:

My name is Paul Duane. I’m a professional photographer, father of 2, musician, skateboarder, former USPS letter carrier, blogger,  ex-Mormon, wine aficionado, divorcee, fanatical lover of the band RUSH,  thriving bachelor, and connoisseur of the leg – which is what you are hear to read about.   You’ll often see me at clubs and parties sporting my own gender-blending fashion sense:  Men’s dress shirt, tie, short skirt, 4″ heels, and some nice pantyhose.  My fascination with hosiery began in my early childhood and continues today.

He is straight. Excerpt:

(To the question: ‘Are you gay?’) No. What a person wears has nothing to do with where they like to put their cock. I love women. I absolutely adore and crave them (the beautiful ones).  Look, I’m an incredibly average looking guy. I don’t know exactly how this has happened, but somehow, I date very attractive women.  Chances are, I date hotter women than you do.  And if I don’t, a tip of the hat I give to you, good sir.

To me personally, even without the heels and skirt LOL, this pantyhose look on men is effeminate, and so I don’t find it attractive at all. I salute Mr. Duane however for not giving a shit what people think about what he wears. Not only that, he wrote about it in his blog and included pictures of himself in his pantyhose and heels. His honesty and courage is just amazing.


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