That’s cute: The Bono Coexist tee

The tee in the title of this post refers to this one I saw on ebay. Click photo to go to the seller's page.

Here’s a 2005 article about the different parties connected with regards to the idea of having those symbols to form the ‘coexist’ word: Can’t We All Just Coexist?

There’s a Foundation set up in 2006 ‘to promote better understanding between Jews, Christians and Muslims’: Coexist Foundation

There are many blogs/sites out there against the ‘coexist’ thing. The ones I read, I understand it as this: they are either anti-Islam/Muslim or take it as a threat or challenge to their beliefs. I think it’s crazy how they can take a simple and sweet gesture and turn it to spread hate.

Just as interesting are the following designs of bumper stickers I found on the net, similar in concept to the ‘coexist’ one. There are other words used out there I’m sure. Click each image to go to the site of source:


And the silly spoofs I came across LOL. Again, click images to go to their sites:




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