Sir Ian McKellen on marriage

Photo from the galleries section of his website, entitled '2011, In Wellington, post-haircut'. Click photo to go to source.

I admire Sir Ian, not just as an actor, but as a writer. The thoughts he express in his writings, there’s always something earnest and sincere and compelling. So he may be writing about things that are worlds apart from my world; but I’m always drawn to his voice because there’s always so much heart in it.

This is the latest one I like very much: entitled ‘What’s wrong with us? Should we not aspire to happiness’, a commentary published on the 22nd February in a UK newspaper The Independant. Even when he’s he rebuking someone he’s so damn elegant. Excerpt:

Lord Carey grants us our civil partnerships but no more. What’s wrong with us? Should we not aspire to domestic happiness? Why can’t our relationships be recognised on a par with everyone else’s? Lord Carey does not “begrudge rights and benefits to homosexual couples” yet he says that the idea of equality between gay and straight people is “the mantra of the equalities industry”.

As one of the co-founders of Stone-wall I am familiar with such hints of homophobia. Stonewall has indeed pressured successive governments but Lord Carey has misunderstood our argument for equality, when he defines it as “being equal means being the same”. On his more generous days, I’m sure Lord Carey would accept that all human beings are the same in being God’s children.

A gay atheist shouldn’t delve into theology. Same or not, all I want is to be treated equally under the law.


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