Lucio Dalla

The much loved singer passed away from a heart attack on 1st March. There was a massive turnout at his funeral in his hometown of Bologna on the 4th, and even till today there are still tributes to him on Italian television.

Lucio Dalla, Italian singer-songwriter and musician. 4th March 1943 - 1st March 2012. Photo by Lucarelli, from Wikipedia. Click photo to go to source.

I came across an article from BBC News which touched on the gay part of him, about how his death ‘sparked a debate about attitudes towards homosexuality in the country’.

Part of the article that caught my eye is the following:

“Lucio Dalla’s death is marked at the cathedral. But Lucio Dalla was a man who, being gay, never said it out [loud],” said widely respected journalist Lucia Annunziata.

She said Dalla’s case was an example of how much homophobia existed in Italy.

“It’s all fine and you even get a burial at a cathedral, with all the blessing of the Church, if you don’t say you’re gay,” she said, adding that Italy was permissive only when it turned a blind eye to certain things.

I’m not a fan but only because I didn’t hear of him before. But I also hope no one or any organization, uses him to push their own agenda. Any agenda. No matter how right or fair it may seem to them, just because the man was gay. Because it’s still disrespectful, because the man is no longer around to explain or clarify why he was discreet about being gay; whether he felt pressured to do so, or simply because he felt it was his own damn business and nobody else’s. The fact that he apparently didn’t discuss it throughout the long span of his career, well I think that says something.

Below is a video of his song Caruso, said to be his most famous, which he wrote for the late Luciano Pavarotti. I have loved it and listened to it countless of times, as sung by Andrea Bocelli, only now realising that it’s a huge song, written and sung by this man called Lucio Dalla, a man so loved.

Rest in peace, Signor. Dalla.

His funeral which was held in the cathedral in his home town of Bologna. Photo from the BBC article. Click photo to go to the site.

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