Kudos to Kirk Cameron

Of course not for his anti-gay remarks. But for keeping cool, despite Piers Morgan pushing him to lose his temper. Because that’s how I saw the interview in the video clip below, or maybe that’s just how his interviewing style is. I’ve never seen a full show of his. I don’t subscribe to cable, there’s already enough trash on free tv as it is.

And I don’t think I could keep my cool the way Kirk did, because the questions were coming in fast and they were provocative and surely difficult to answer, let alone diplomatically, all while keeping a calm demeanour. But Kirk Cameron managed beautifully. Although with those views that I’m sure he seeks to promote, he probably handled such interviews many times before.

In fact, to me it looked like it was Piers who got worked up. I can’t help wondering if he was trying hard to piss off his guest to make for a more entertaining show, but ended up being disappointed that Kirk stayed calm.

I am gay. Kirk Cameron is anti-gay. Piers Morgan is pro-gay. So, uhmm… Kirk thinks I’m dirt. And Piers defends my right to exist. So why am I praising Kirk here?

I do salute Mr. Morgan, especially when he said that if one of his sons tell him he’s gay, he would reply “That’s great, son. As long as you’re happy.” His children are very lucky indeed regardless of whether they’re gay or not, to have such a dad. What a beautiful man.

I definitely would not want to hang out with Kirk Cameron LOL. I hope if I know people like that, they just keep their mouth shut about it, that I’ll never have the bad luck of having a conversation with them turning to gay stuff. Kirk said that that being gay is

  • Unnatural
  • Detrimental
  • Ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilisations

How fucking silly. How do you define unnatural and detrimental and destructive when they are so many fucked up straight people as well, including world leaders.

Being gay, of course I disagree with and resent Kirk’s opinion. But hey we all have our prejudices about other people, one way or another. For example, we all may have uttered racist remarks at one time or another. It doesn’t make it right. It’s still wrong. But I’m just saying everyone have their opinion and beliefs.

What’s sad is that he will not accept it if his kids turn out gay. It sounded like he will try to get them to change. Poor kids.

However, it also didn’t sound to me like he would condemn them or hate them or throw them out. Just that he would talk to them and try to persuade them to resist gay urges or whatever, and try to turn straight. Or whatever. I think everyone can guess the massive heartache (and damage) that is going to do to both parties. But it’s what he would do as a parent. And I think we can all guess that’s what most other religious parents would do. Whatever the religion is.

I don’t want to ramble on, so I’ll just end this post by writing that what I want to say here is:

  1. Kirk is as entitled to his opinion, as everyone else are to theirs.
  2. I noted that although his opinion of gays are negative, he expressed this opinion calmly and respectfully.
  3. But it’s also because he seems like a voice of reason, that he’s dangerous to gay rights. I think anyone who wants to take him on, needs to have his manners and calm approach.
  4. He is just one person’s opinion. We can ignore him if we choose to. We can get all riled up if we choose to.

I don’t like or dislike Kirk Cameron. I can’t be bothered. I do think though since he has all this attention, he should use it to say out loud publicly that even though he thinks ‘gay is wrong’ or whatever, he does not support the bullying and bashing of gays, the physical or other harm on them, and that he wants at least that to stop.

(News seen via dlisted and yahoo. Video on youtube uploaded by ballzingerify.)

2 thoughts on “Kudos to Kirk Cameron

    • Hi Laura. Reading your comment got me interested to read what I wrote and watch the video again, and I found I still feel the same way. I still don’t agree with what Kirk was saying but how cool and calm he was, especially compared to Piers, was great. Thanks for your comment, and nice to hear from you!

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