And that’s how real men do it

Put on make up that is.

You don’t preen into the mirror with a half-pout like you think you’re Marilyn Monroe. You stare deep into it like you’re butch-talking it in your head.

You don’t smooth the powder on softly like you’re treating your face to the luxurious feel of silk.  You dab-dab-dab with quick agile strokes like you mean business, sort of like Rocky Balboa being lethal in a boxing ring, but the putting on makeup version.

But as for the ‘oh thank goodness that’s all done and I’m all pretty again now’ part… hmmm, there’s room for improvement there. And ditto for the ‘oh fuck’ look right at the end LOL.

Poor guy!! I don’t use make up but I know the feeling of wanting the ground to swallow me whole so I could just disappear! Like one time ages ago when I got careless and didn’t lock the bathroom door and someone caught me jerking off. But that didn’t happen on TV haha!

(Via Dlisted and Tastefully Offensive, video uploaded to Youtube by TalleresJose)

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