Extended stay in Rome

One of the statues of the ‘Fountain of Four Rivers’ at Piazza Navona in Rome. Photo taken by me.

We are still in Rome as of today, though not at the partner’s hometown, but in the city itself, due to the unexpected development of a recent client back home in Singapore contacting us and asking us to look into ordering some stuff for her home.

So the holiday trip has turned into holiday-slash-work. No complaints, even though the scope of work is so small that there will hardly be anything one can call a profit margin, after expenses and time and effort are considered.  We’re basically doing the client a favour, someone we adore because she has always appreciated our hard work in the past. She knows we take pride in our work and do our best to deliver a good standard of work.

I hate how this sounds like bragging, especially since we don’t have the money bounty to show as a reward for all our work in the past. At the same time I don’t want to sound like we ‘suffer for our art’ or something pretentious like that. The simple truth is that while we think we are artistic and passionate, we really are pretty useless business-wise. We have our heads in the clouds LOL. Anyway, what I want to express here is that this client knows and appreciate good work, and so it is always a pleasure to deliver. We don’t feel like our effort goes wasted.

No complaints also because we love our work, regardless of whether we get down and dirty at the construction site, or sitting comfortably in front of the drawing table setting up designs. These past weeks, we have the enormous pleasure of working with an established textile house in Rome. I feel so lucky and priveleged and small. Their work is so steeped in history and art, and excellence. The company has been in the same family for so long. And we are actually working with the current boss whose generosity with his knowledge and skill, and his passion… it’s just been awesome.

I’m enjoying the extended stay, but I miss Singapore/Johor as well, and frankly I’m itching to go home. I think mostly I feel bad that my siblings still need to look after our cats for us, but also because I’m anxious at what the state of our house must be, and that I want to move on with the things I need to do back home. So I hope we’ll get a flight back to Singapore on the 24th or not too long after that. At the moment we’re on the waiting list.


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