Denzel Washington

Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. Born December 28 1954. Actor. Photograph by Falkenauge. Click photo to go to source: Wikipedia

When it comes to actors I can always count on for an entertaining movie, there are only a select few, like Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Sean Connery, etc. Denzel Washington is another name. Plus he’s damn hot. An all-man man.

Will Smith is sexy too in his own way, in a boyish fun, let’s party kind of way, with that sweet infectious smile of his. And there are all other kinds of sexy. Denzel is hotdamn!, smoldering, set-me-on-fire sexxayy. I won’t even bother trying to picture him naked. He’s already too hot with his clothes on.

After a performance of Julius Caesar in NYC, on 23 May 2005. Photo by Paul Rudman. Click photo to go to source: Wikipedia.

As an actor, he is highly respected and loved, all of which he deserves as he is an amazingly, hugely talented performer.

I’ve seen many of his movies, and all were good. Every single one of them. Some of the really memorable ones are…

Mississippi Masala (1992). A beautiful movie directed by Mira Nair. Denzel plays a carpet cleaner caught in the turmoil of an interracial romance with an Indian girl, played by the excellent and criminally underrated actress Sarita Choudhury.

Philadelphia (1993). One of the most important movies centred on a gay character. About HIV/AIDS and homophobia.

The Siege (1998). Gave me goosebumps as I watched it after 9/11, only to discover later it was made way earlier. Sometimes even amazingly good movies and actors slip from the radar for some reason, and this is one. Annette Bening: being under-rated is like the story of her career. To me she belongs way up there with Meryl Streep.

All the ‘disaster movies’ of recent years with their computer graphics and not much else; the makers need only to watch a movie like The Siege to see that a heart and a good plot are never to be neglected no matter how much and impressive the visual effects.

The Hurricane (1999). I love Kevin Spacey, and I love American Beauty, but to me Denzel was robbed of the Oscar for this performance.

Training Day (2001). And then it was like an insult, to me as a big fan, as it seemed that they ‘tried to make it up’ by awarding the Oscar later to Denzel for a role in this movie. Gosh no. He was great in this, but there were so many other instances when he was truly great, yet those times were ignored.

What made it worse was: it also meant Russell Crowe was denied of a Tom Hanks-style coup, I thought; two Oscars in two consecutive years. Russell was nominated for his brilliant performance in A Beautiful Mind, and had won the previous year for Gladiator.

American Gangster (2007). Playing the bad guy again as the 70s heroin syndicate boss Frank Lucas, Denzel worked with Russell Crowe under the direction of the excellent Ridley Scott, one of my favourite directors, this movie is truly epic and right up there with Scarface.

Here’s a small sample of Denzel Washington’s massive hotness in the interview below, as part of an American Gangster promo.

And in this interview as well:

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