David Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham, OBE. Born 2 May 1975. Footballer. Photo by Regular Daddy. Click photo to go to source Wikipedia

Probably the most famous footballer in the world, yet not so much as a footballer, but as a pop star. Not a singer pop star, but one from his many lucrative endorsements, his good looks, and even his marriage to another pop star, the singing type. Victoria from the now-defunct Spice Girls.

I don’t follow soccer, just not my interest. From my understanding, as a footballer David Beckham is not ranked as among the best. But I’m thinking that surely he must had been very good in his sport to have reached the fame he did, before the famous pop star wife and the endorsements all came into the picture. Perhaps he still is.

I thought twice about putting him in the ‘That’s hot to other people‘ list here, because he always seems like such a nice person, soft spoken and shy. For example in the video of the interview by Jimmy Kimmel below, who by the way my taste in men dictates as hotter. David comes across as very elegant and aristocratic, or whatever my idea of aristocratic is. Yet friendly and easy-going. He’s just naturally posh, but with no airs. He’s always well dressed, a known metrosexual, but I don’t believe a man should apologise or feel embarrassed for having a keen interest in fashion, gay or straight.

So why is he in the ‘That’s hot to other people‘ category? Because it’s not about whether I think they’re nice people or not. It’s just a silly little list I certainly don’t take seriously, but just to while away the time, while I wonder about men who are considered attractive by many other gay men and women, but not by me. Men who are supposedly widely lusted after for their physical attributes, but I just don’t find them all that cute. And that’s the case with David Beckham. I don’t dislike him. But as far as physical appeal goes, I wouldn’t wank over nude images or videos of him, let’s put it that way haha! He’s too oh-so-pretty, too well put together, and too skinny-lean, for my taste. I more appreciate the look of men who are more rugged and ‘real’ (‘everyday Joe’), and with more flesh on their bones.

Photo by Splash, via Dlisted, August 29th 2011. Click photo to go to source.

Photo by Wenn/Wireimage, via Dlisted, June 5th 2008. Click photo to go to source.

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