George Clooney

George Clooney. Born May 6 1961. Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter. Photo by Nicolas Genin. Click photo to go to source: Wikipedia

His appeal is mostly to women, I think. Older women. He has an ‘old Hollywood’ charm about him. I like old Hollywood charm but, well… He has that lounge lizard vibe, all slick and suave, similar to that of say, Julio Iglesias and George Hamilton.

When I think about it, it’s funny that I don’t find him attractive. Because firstly, when it comes to admiring men physically and appreciating their sex appeal, I have always gravitated more towards ‘older’ men. And secondly, George Clooney is not just any older man, but someone who is so lusted after that he frequently makes an appearance in ‘sexiest men’ lists.

Which tickles me. To me, he has a good-looking face, but that’s it. I’m guessing it’s women who vote him into these lists, and that gay men have nothing or little to do with it? When it comes to George Clooney, I think it’s still only women who are from Venus, and that gay or straight, all men are from Mars.

I’ve watched a few films with him in it. I don’t particularly enjoy watching him as an actor, either. I think he’s pretty decent. I know he has an Oscar from an excellent performance in Syriana, but to me personally he is just okay; not as remarkable and talented as say, Viggo Mortensen, Colin Firth or Johnny Depp.

From Dusk Till Dawn – I liked this a lot. He was good in this.

One Fine Day – No.

The Peacemaker – No

Batman and Robin – No. And a massive joke of a movie. The only saving grace was Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy.

Out of Sight – No. And I can’t stand Jennifer Lopez’s acting, either.

Three Kings – Now, this movie I loved. And I like George’s performance in it as well.

The Perfect Storm – He was good in this too.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? – I liked him in this. And the movie was amazing.

Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve – I liked the movies but not his performance

Ocean’s Thirteen – Now even the all-milked-out franchise I can’t stand

Syriana – Excellent performance

The Good German – Excellent performance as well. And I loved this movie.

Michael Clayton – He was good in this too

Burn After Reading – I thought he totally sucked here. A big mess of a movie, almost as messy and boring as Batman and Robin. George was supposed to be funny here. Brad Pitt fared better, but not much.

The American – This is supposed to be one of those slow-burning European style ‘noir’ films, sophisticated and intelligent. Usually I love that sort of thing, but here I just wanted to scrape out my eyeballs; it was so painfully boring and so painfully slow.

Hmm, after going through this list, I guess I think now he’s a better actor than I had thought.


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