Brendan Fraser

Brendan James Fraser. Born December 3, 1968. Actor. Photo by David Shankbone. Click photo to go to source Wikipedia

A hunk who leans more towards comedy and action, he has acted in some good movies, but also dumb ones, unfortunately. Bedazzled and Monkeybone are truly awful movies. To me, anyway. But I was highly entertained by George of the Jungle.

Journey to the Center of the Earth is one of those movies that’s all special effects but no heart; no engaging storyline or characters. Unfortunately many blockbusters these days are like that.

Inkheart is another movie that just didn’t ‘capture’ me; all special effects and not much else.

And yet, and yet, Brendan Fraser is just so damn watchable, however bad the movie. He’s damn sexy and goofy at the same time. The hunky sensitive jock. He and Keanu Reeves should play brothers or buddies. That would be electrifying.

Brendan has so much charisma and is so good at what he does, that when he does appear in a good movie, it becomes immediately obvious how under-rated he is. It’s startling how much talent emerges when he is given the role and movie that he deserves. Examples include The Quiet American and Crash. And I’ve never even seen Gods and Monsters yet till now.

Other movies he totally excelled in, which I have seen, are Mrs Winterbourne and The Mummy trilogy.

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