A new page for a book list

I have been neglecting my reading. Something I enjoy very much, but haven’t been making time for. Yet I seem to have time to watch crap on television. And sometimes it’s alarming how the hours fly past when I’m on the net, and yet when I recall what is it I’ve just surfed online, I realize, “Oh, just a whole lot of nonsense, mostly.”

I’m thankful I’m not into computer games. I have read how addictive that is, how one can spend consecutive days on a single game. That’s crazy! I’m relieved because I waste enough time surfing the net as it is.

Well. It’s not wasting time when it’s to, uhm, jerk off. That’s not just fun but a necessity, like eating three meals a day and getting my seven hours of sleep and brushing my teeth twice a day and exercising at least three times a week, and so on. Part of life’s routine.

It’s not wasting time when it’s to write entries in these journals. Oh how relieved I am I have now reconnected back to the joy of writing, even though it’s just diary entries like this. I should have done this years and years ago.

And it’s not wasting time when I read other people’s journals, the interesting ones I am lucky enough to have stumbled upon. So that’s some reading. Plus of course the news, whether online or physical form.

But to curl up on the sofa with an engaging book, with the promise of being swept away to a different world… that is one of life’s little beauties.

The purpose of having a list of books I’ve read (the ones I remember I’ve read, or because I happen to still have a copy) is to encourage me to read more. Does that make sense, actually? Hmm, anyway, I hope to add a new book to the list every month. That sounds overly optimistic. But even if it’s every two months, that’s six books a year, and well that’s something. Hell, I don’t think I’ve read a single book this year, and it’s already past mid September!

For the idea of the list, I have to give credit to ‘I’m reading’, a Facebook app which I used for a while. I haven’t updated that in ages (because I haven’t read a book in ages).

Arty farty attempts at photography here by me.

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