Evolving as it goes along. Not just gay.

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When I started this journal blog thing some months ago, it was because I wanted a space to collect my thoughts in writing, my opinion and observations across different gay topics.

Anything I want to, from issues I came across in the media like gay marriage and gay adoption, which I have yet to write about. To lighthearted stuff, like which of the famous men noted for their looks and sex appeal I think are attractive too. Which ones I don’t. To personal stuff, like my favourite gay-themed novels. CDs from gay artists. Gay movies.

Now I’m thinking this journal doesn’t have to have exclusively gay subjects. Being gay is just one part of my life, of who I am. I don’t see why I shouldn’t write about, say, a novel with zero gay elements, that I have read and liked and I want to put down in writing my thoughts about it.

I have considered starting a different journal to serve entries about the non-gay general ongoings in my life, but that would be too much work, especially since I have the other two journals going on.

The purple chunky monkey, for stuff about animal welfare and the environment. And the chunky purple turtle, for stuff relating to my (half-hearted) efforts with regards to health and fitness. I’m glad I started those two journals, to have separate spaces for those topics.

But one more will be one too many for me. I’m thinking that I’ll make ‘simple and gayforward’ my main journal. I don’t think this necessarily means I will now write more often than an average of once a week. But only that it will serve more than just gay-related posts.

I started yesterday: putting in links of humour sites and photo galleries that I like to visit when in the mood for lighthearted funny stuff.

I’m also thinking of a ‘Women I Love’ category, to note down the singers, actresses and other women I’m a fan of. Just an idea. *shrug*

I’m not changing the name of the site, though. Being gay is just one part of my life, but one that is just as important as all the other parts.

A teeny concern is that people seeing the word ‘gayforward’ might think I meant to start a heavy intellectual analytical kind of site, all chest-thumping with gay pride…and failing miserably haha. But nah, I’m sure it’s easy enough to see it’s just a little play on ‘straightforward’.

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