Paul Rudd

Photo by, via Wikipedia. Click photo to go to the Wikipedia page

An incredibly talented and goodlooking actor, Paul Rudd is known mostly for his work in comedies, I think. But I first noticed him in the drama The Object of my Affection (1998), which I remember is a really beautiful and moving film.

Another one of my favourite performances of his is in The 40 Year Old Virgin, (2005) a highly entertaining comedy where he plays ‘David’, one of the buddies of the title character, Andy, played by Steve Carell.

What I find really attractive about Paul is his laid-back charm. His vibe is that of just a regular guy next door, friendly and kind, who just happens to be hot.

And best of all: has a great sense of humour. So he keeps you happy and smiling and laughing, in addition to being turned on.

He’s not male model beautiful, just regular dude beautiful, which has always been the kind of beautiful that is more of a turn-on for me. And you don’t really fantasize about ripping his clothes off and ravishing his body. You just want to kiss him forever before moving on to anything else because you just know that with a guy like that, the kissing part is the highlight and you just keep going back to that over and over.

Photo by Thomas Crenshaw at flickr. Click photo to go to Mr. Crenshaw's photostream at flickr.

Paul Rudd with Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen and Jason Segel. The fun photo by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, in tribute to her own March 2006 cover of the same magazine. Click photo to go there.

The photo by Annie Leibovitz for the March 2006 cover of Vanity Fair. Click photo to go there.

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