Javier Bardem

Photo source: WEBN-TV via Flickr

I’ve never seen Before Night Falls (2000), Javier’s portrayal of the late gay Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas. Neither have I seen many of his other films. In fact, all I’ve seen are The Sea Inside and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Both movies are totally excellent. I really need to make the effort to rent/buy his other movies because he is such a brilliant actor, in addition to being incredibly sexy.

The Sea Inside (2004) is one of those movies that sears and scars you and stays with you for life. Based on a real-life story, Javier portrays Ramon Sampedro, a quadriplegic who fought for the right to end his life. Spanish.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) is a whimsical fun ride from Woody Allen, made even more fun with the involvement of Scarlett Johansson, Patricia Clarkson and Penelope Cruz, three other actors whose work I always enjoy. In this comedy/drama/romance, Javier effortlessly turns on his amazing sex appeal to ultra-smoldering levels, in his role as a playboy painter.

Javier Bardem with Greg Hernandez of the website Greg In Hollywood. Photo source: Mr. Hernandez via Flickr


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