Ramadan to me

An example of a greeting card in Malay, sent to relatives and friends during the month of Ramadan. Copyright reserved by printer.

Dusk tomorrow will make the first full week of fasting for Ramadan. My first Sunday of this fasting month. I know I’ll be sleeping in late.

It’s going to feel like cheating, since the fast is supposed to be from dawn to dusk (about 5.45am till about 7.15pm). After the pre-dawn meal and Subuh prayer, I’ll hit the sack and stay there till noon maybe, instead of getting up again at 8 o’clock. So that’s only 7 hours of fasting tomorrow. But I really need the rest!

Every year it’s the same. Tough the first 2 or 3 days of fasting, and then it’s like the body settles down to the new rhythm, where I don’t crave water and food as much. After that point however, for me at least, there is still a lingering tiredness. I think it’s because it’s just one month of the whole year. So it’s always a bit of a shock to the body every year every time Ramadan comes around. Well, it’s suppose to be a challenge.

I guess some people ask: what’s the point of having a month to fast to empathize with the less fortunate? A month of self-restraint and discipline by abstaining from sex, using foul language, naughty thoughts, and acts of anger? A month of more charity and good deeds? What, do all these just during Ramadan and then forget all about it once the month is over?

Well I think of Ramadan as a reminder to be a better person, among other things. We’re only human, so good acts may lessen over time. Good thoughts and intentions and all the other goody-goody stuff may erode and fade over the next eleven months haha, then comes Ramadan again to remind and motivate me again to try be a better person. Among other things, to once again remember the poor and hungry, the disabled and the other less fortunate, and to therefore be grateful for what I have (and to whine less!) and to give more or what I can afford to charity.

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